The ones who got away

Curating an exhibition is also about leaving things out.

As I have mentioned earlier, there are many stories and themes that we have chosen not to include in the upcoming exhibition. In spite of good planning, the selection process among the objects to be exhibited has also been going on till this day. This process does not involve the curator alone; the exhibition designer of course also wants his to say when constructing the physical exhibition space. Even nearly iconic objects could end up not being represented in the finished exhibition.

På en seng av Tore Bugges vinylplater ligger en pose. I posen kan man skimte originalmaleriet som senere ble trykt opp som plakat i lp-boksen Timothys Monster i 1994.
If you look closely you could catch a glimpse the original Motorpsycho-painting for the poster in Timothy’s Monster. Yes, it’s in the black bag, and it will soon be returned to its owner.

Leaving things out could also result in new ideas. As we already have mentioned, Rockheim has a big collection of Motorpsycho-posters. And many more have been collected for this exhibition. Not all of them could be shown this time around. But to solve this it has recently been decided that we are going to do a separate poster exhibition in Rockheim Gallery opening February 2016.

Many people have contributed to Supersonic Scientists, and several of the objects that are being exhibited are not from the museums own collection. The band and their fans have been the main contributors, but I must also mention the late, great Willy B. Willy Bakken was a garage rocker, music journalist, rock historian and pop culture archaeologist that sadly passed away in 2010. He was also a Motorpsycho-fan and systematic collector, and did in fact work on an unpublished book on Motorpsycho. Large parts of his work and collection were donated to the National Library of Norway. This material has been of great help and some of it will also be represented in the exhibition.

You may also know the name Willy B from the Motorpsycho-related project Insect Machine. This band played one gig at the 60th birthday party for Harald Are Lund in 2006. Harald Are Lund is still vital, and a man that can never be hailed enough. “Norways John Peel” has spread the gospel of quality music on the radio since the late sixties and has been of immense importance for many. He is also known for live-recordings of Motorpsycho, and his efforts has been emphasised by several people we have talked to when working with Supersonic Scientists.

blogg 5 band
Pearler Bead Motorpsycho! Fan Kamilla Paulsen used over 50 000 beads to make this picture.

The Quiz has ended and we have the results! The band will probably come with an announcement soon. I can reveal that no one of the more than 400 contestants was even near getting all the songs correct. But! One person did manage to get one more correct answer than the others…


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