At last! It’s here!

This Friday! Exhibition opening! A new Motorpsycho record! A new book on Motorpsycho!

For us who are working with the exhibition this last phase also means high pace and stress. As a relatively moral person I should help get the last things ready for the opening, instead of publishing digressions on this blog. So, this is probably the last blog post before the exhibition opens its doors. The fate of this blog is still unclear, but we may use it for updates and information relating to the exhibitions public program. All right. Here it is, the last batch of nerdy prattle from me.

The quiz winners have been announced and the correct tracklist for Supersonic Scientists –A Young Person’s Guide To Motorpsycho has been revealed. Congratulations!1)None of you has found the secret “competition” hidden on this blog, I’ll regardless close that one this Thursday, and then keep the prize for myself… 2)Forget it! We have a winner! As mentioned, none of the 433 contestants came even close to full score, but the winner of the first prize did as the only person get 10 out of 15. For a music geek it is tempting to examine the answers more closely, and try to extract some more findings. By looking at names and e-mail addresses we probably can conclude that most answers came from Norwegians, but also that about 200 answers came from psychonauts from other countries. It is not possible to make secure statistical analysis related to gender, but there is indisputably a bias in the material.

diagramAmong the things you can read out of the diagram above are that most contestants got between 4 and 6 songs correct. Median and mode are both 5 – one third of their answers correct. If we examine the songs that in fact were suggested, things get more interesting. Even if more than 150 contestants managed to guess “Nothing to Say”, it is the diversity in the answers received that is the most conspicuous finding.

By examining the suggestions of songs from the last ordinary studio-releases Behind The Sun, Still Life With Eggplant and Heavy Metal Fruit, we find that every single song from these albums has been suggested by someone as worthy inclusion for the new anthology. This seems to be the rule; nearly every song from every represented Motorpsycho-album was suggested. The only exceptions were Trygve Seim’s “Siddardthino” from Trust Us, “Sungravy” from Timothy’s Monster and strange enough, “Tuesday Morning” from Demon Box.

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An anthology like this can of course never have room for all your favourite songs, albeit the quiz was as you know never really about that at all. It was about guessing what songs the band themselves would choose. But as we have announced many times now; you could make a personal playlist of your favourite Motporpsycho-songs and be part of the exhibition! Please send us your playlist to , or paste a link to your TIDAL-playlist here:

When I am about to end this phase of the blog I want to mention a blog post that never came alive. One of the more “out there” ideas was writing a text about hunting down a moped. As we have revealed the exhibition will focus on the album Trust Us, but also the opening track “Psychonaut”. We started the work on this exhibition with collecting some master tapes, and on the masters from Trust Us this song was named “Corvette”.

The idea of the lyrics on Psychonaut has been explained by Sæther as inspired by a photography of a sixteen year old Hans Magnus Ryan riding his Tempo Corvette, with his long hair blowing in the wind. Sæther imagines the bliss and freedom-feeling. Riding a bike. On the top of the world. Everything possible.

Hans Magnus Ryan playing his first Motorpsycho-gig in the small town where he grew up, Steinkjer, April 1991. Photographer is unknown, but the picture was published in a concert review in Steinkjer-Avisa.

I tried to write a geeky detective story about hunting down the actual Corvette and the photography that inspired the song, paired with a story about adolescence and rebellion in a small town in Norway in the 1980s. In spite of getting to know a whole lot of fun and wacky stories, it all ended up in nothing. Thanks to the band, ex-moped owner Jim, Trude in the local newspaper Steinkjer-Avisa and others for trying to help me out solving unsolvable riddles and unwritable text.

Hope to see you on Friday!

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1. None of you has found the secret “competition” hidden on this blog, I’ll regardless close that one this Thursday, and then keep the prize for myself…
2. Forget it! We have a winner!

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