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The opening date for the exhibition Supersonic Scientists draws even closer. We sometimes feel we are in control.  As some of you know, there were a couple of small unnecessary leaks concering the Demon Box concert. It was announced at a ticket service before the scheduled release time. The concert sold out in no time, but in cahoots with the band we quickly strapped our boots and managed the same day to announce an extra show. This time, the tickets disappeared even faster. This has lead to Motorpsycho playing three, sold out concerts at Rockheims club venue. However, there are still tickets available for opening night of the exhibiton itself. We promise you a particularly bass-heavy musical performance that should guarantee a quite pleasant friday evening.

This blog was partly conceived as a platform in which to follow the process towards the opening of the exhibition. I therefore asked curator Engevik if she could present a progress update. Naturally, she did not have the time to muster up a text overnight, but she did send me a multipage list with tasks at hand and tasks done concerning the exhibiton – the latter being well represented.

Skjermbildtodo kopi

Things are really starting to fall into their rightful place – it would be dramatic if they weren`t. The current temporary exhibition at Rockheim will be disassembled in under a fortnight. The room needs spackling, painting and preparation before the building process begins. The content and the blueprints of the area itself are almost more or less completed – at this very moment film maker Finn Walther is editing and finishing brand new documentary pieces for the exhibition. These also need subtitling for our international visitors.

Music will of course be a major part of the exhibition – and we want you to help us present the ultimate playlists of Motorpsycho music. We are still in demand of playlists. Send your contribution to supersonicscientists@rockipedia.no

In our next post we will stray away from the process itself, and instead take a closer look at a Motorpsycho-related object from Rockheims collection.

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