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As I have said many times, we need your playlists! To make it easier for you we have a made a site where you can plot in the link to your playlist, and hopefully also a description of it. You don’t need to worry if you are a vinyl freak who shuns the brave new world of streaming. Then you could just send me a list in text and I will plot the songs into the evil matrix myself.


By doing the playlist-thing this way unfortunately not all of Motorpsychos songs will be available. A few of the more special album releases are missing, and so are most of their EPs. We have already received great lists where songs like Mad Sun, Sterling Says, Flick of The Wrist and Wishing Well have been represented, and it is doubtful that any of these songs will become available for streaming on WiMP/Tidal for a good while. But I have been promised that both Barracuda and The International Tussler Society (is this really a Motorpsycho-album? Discuss!) will be ready in time for the exhibition…


As you know, October will turn out to be a good month for psychonauts. In addition to the exhibition and the Demon Box-concerts the month will also see the release of a book and a retrospective album. The band have announced a competition where you can take a guess at the actual tracklist, that’s which songs the band have chosen to represent themselves for Supersonic Scientists – A Young Person’s Guide To Motorpsycho. Great awards from the record company, the museum and the book publisher Falck Forlag are promised, and this is the last chance to get a ticket for the Demon Box-concerts. Check it out!


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Photos from the workshop: Audun H. M. Hagen

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