Month: May 2015

Completing an exhibition means diverse types of work and a process involving lots of people. Trying to document this process in a blog can be a bit frustrating. I can’t reveal everything, and we don’t wish to show all our cards quite yet.

It’s all about music, isn’t it? How will the music of Motorpsycho be reflected in the upcoming exhibition? If you were to compile a playlist that represents Motorpsycho, which tracks would you include? Why would you choose those specific tracks? So – can personal playlists become an important part of the exhibition Supersonic Scientists?

Supersonic Scientists will focus on Motorpsycho in studio and on disc. It is a fact that they built reputation early in their career as a unique live band. The group inspires extreme dedication in their fans, the so-called “Psychonauts” who follow the band from concert to concert. In this text we will look briefly at the band’s first expansion into Europe, as well as one of the reasons how today’s international touring circuit for underground rock bands came into being.