Trust Us

Creating an exhibition can sometimes be compared with completing a jigsaw puzzle, where one has to look for missing pieces all the time. It is about identifying parts and whole, while gathering single pieces and bringing them all together in an overall entity. The work involves picking pieces apart, but mostly putting them together. With these somewhat lofty considerations, we will in this blog post take a closer look at a more concrete example of putting pieces together in their right place.

The album Trust Us from 1998 is one of the albums that the exhibition Supersonic Scientists will focus especially on. The album is a result of Motorpsychos second visit to Athletic Sound in Halden. As we have already mentioned, Motorpsychos studio work and process is one of the key focus areas of the upcoming exhibition. Recording an album is, among other things, also the process of combining a vast number of isolated tracks into the soundscape that eventually meets us on the record. One of the ways we can try to understand what actually happened in a studio over 15 years ago, before the soundscape of the finished album was completed, is by examining the technology.

Trust Us was engineered by Kai Ø. Andersen and Helge Steen on the mixer Soundcraft 3200, a large analog format mixing console first produced in 1990. It has been estimated that around 50 of these mixing boards were produced, but only a small amount of these actually ended up in Norway. The exact mixing console from Athletic Sound reputedly ended up somewhere in Jamaica. However, we found another Soundcraft 3200 stored at Loco Studios in Oslo. “Stored” in this case meant “in pieces”.

Below is a short clip of how Peter Lalonde, Rockheims outstanding technician, fearlessly faced the challenge of assembling the mixing console.


Photography: Synnøve Engevik, Video: Lars Dyvik, Music: Motorpsycho: Dolphyn (Sæther, Ryan, Seim, Trust Us, 2008)

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