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A new exhibition will open at Rockheim this fall. The subject this time is the band Motorpsycho and their vast collection of albums. The exhibition will, among other things, focus on the recording process and the work laid down in the recording studio. In other words, the often hidden process that eventually leads up to the final product – the album.

While working on the exhibition, we have started a blog, which is what you are now reading. This blog will be regularly updated towards the opening of the exhibition in October and will document the often hidden process and work leading up to the final result – the exhibition.

The blog will also discuss other aspects surrounding the phenomenon that is Motorpsycho, themes that will not necessarily be included in the physical exhibition. And last, but not least, this blog is meant to be an arena for communication with all of you. You can take part in shaping the blog as well as the exhibition. So send us your questions, your suggestions, your own stories, digressions, pictures, worries or whatever it may be to:

Morten Haugdahl, Rockheim

scient… and listen, we are there to help you…..

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