Demon Box

Has it leaked yet?

Dere har sikkert fått med dere strålende nyheter siden siste innlegg. Bokprosjektet ”Supersonic Scientists” er underveis, men også ny skive, en retrospektiv introduksjon til Motorpsycho-universet. Mon tro om det ikke også er mer på gang…

Du kan fortsatt påvirke utstillinga, send inn spillelister!

Sommeren over, en sommer som ikke har gått uten en smule misunnelse på dem som fikk med seg en etter alle solemerker fantastisk framføring av Demon Box på Slottsfjell… Men som bandet selv sier: ”We should do this again…”

Så vi gir heller ordet til gruppa:


After all the positive reactions and feedback that came our way after the Demon Box show at Slottsfjell earlier this summer, we’ve realized that a lot more people than those that got to go to Slottsfjell would like to see us play the complete album.

So we are doing it again!

On October 17, 2015 – the day after Rockheim, The National Norwegian Museum of Rock opens their big Motorpsycho retrospective exhibition ‘Supersonic Scientists’ – an augumented Motorpsycho will perform Demon Box at the Rockheim stage here in Trondheim. Yup – both Deathprod and Geb will join us again, and if the first one was anything to go by, this could be a pretty cool happening!

We have also realized that not all psychonauts are from Trondheim, or indeed Norway, so we have – in conjunction with Rockheim, Falck Forlag, Rune Grammofon & Stickman Records – come up with something special: To make coming here a bit easier for international and non-local psychonauts, we are offering a few ‘bundles’ that might be of interest. Please go to to check out the details – you’ll find all the specifics and possible combinations of ways to do this there. All the Supersonic Scientists stuff will be available at the Rockheim store at ‘normal’ prices too – noone will be deprived of anything, but Norwegian prices are what they are and these bundles seem like a good way to save some money to me! But go over there have a look, and see what you think. One Heads up tho’: the place only has a 350 capacity room, so be quick and get your tickets sooner rather than later if you’re thinking of taking the trip!

We hope that those of you who didn’t have the time or the opportunity to go to Slottsfjell will find time for this one – it is bound to be a pretty special affair!

Be seeing you!

Foto: Ragnar Wold

Motorpsycho spiller Demon Box på Rockheim (Utsolgt)

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